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NTW Junkie XL
Junkie XL, "Synthesized"
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Dutch producer Tom Holkenborg -- better known as Junkie XL -- won kudos for his chart-topping 2002 big-beat overhaul of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation," featured in a popular Nike ad. Alas, these 12 originals lack the pizzazz of his remixes. Holkenborg's sixth album surveys a modest array from club-friendly sounds, from the psychedelic chill-out idylls that bookend the album to workmanlike dance rock ("Love Machine") and a second-rate Azealia Banks knockoff ("Off the Dancefloor"). But aside from a couple of clever samples, including Timothy Leary ("Leave Behind Your Ego"), there's not much here you'll remember after the party winds down. -- K.B.R.

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