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Jennifer Lopez: 'I won't be watching Idol'


Jennifer Lopez won't be watching "American Idol" now she's no longer a judge on the show.

The singer/actress missed the debut of the latest season on Wednesday night and says she won't be setting her DVR to catch episodes.

Lopez, who quit the show after two seasons last year, says she has no desire to watch her replacements, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

During an appearance on late-night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, the host suggested she should never watch "Idol" again so she can always say she hasn't seen the show when journalists ask her to comment on Minaj and Carey and their much-publicized feud.

Lopez said, "I won't."

But she insists she'll never bad-mouth the show - because she had a great time as a judge. She added, "I really enjoyed it... There's just something about that show that is really inspiring and fun."