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Lindsay Lohan booked then released as a formality
By DERRIK J. LANG , AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lindsay Lohan has a new mug shot.

The troubled 26-year-old actress turned herself in to police in California as a formality Tuesday, the day after she accepted a plea deal in her misdemeanor car crash case. A spokesman for the Santa Monica Police Department said she was booked then released.

Lohan was sentenced to spend five days in jail, but that time will be served in a locked-down rehabilitation facility. It's part of a plea deal that includes 90 days in rehab, 30 days of community labor, 18 months of psychological counseling, a fine and restitution.

Lohan pleaded no contest Monday to reckless driving and lying to police who were investigating the accident involving the actress in June along the Pacific Coast Highway. A charge of obstructing an officer was dropped.

Lohan also was found in violation of her probation in a 2011 necklace theft and sentenced to 180 days in jail. However, she can avoid that jail time if she complies with the conditions of her plea deal, which extends her probation for two years.

Superior Court Judge James R. Dabney set another hearing for May 2, when the court must be given proof of Lohan's enrollment in a treatment program.

After a pair of arrests for driving under the influence in 2007, Lohan has resolved her numerous legal issues without going to trial.


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Mar 20, 2013 10:57AM
Just who is she paying off?  45 minutes late is an insult to the Court and should never have been tolerated.  That particular Court is a joke.  She has walked on a Burglary, DUI and lord knows what else and is still free to come and go as she pleases.  Someone get real.  If it was anyone other than a Hollywood star they would have served time.
Mar 20, 2013 9:14AM
What I don't get is this girl is given so many chances and she can't seem to stay out of trouble. Anyone else would have served some time by now....the legal system seems to want to give her a break but she seems to be to thick headed to realize it.
Mar 20, 2013 7:29AM
Mar 20, 2013 8:32PM
I feel sorry for her. My heart hurts every time she is accused of trouble. Her life couldn't have been easy. The fame and fortune at an early age - and all of those terrible "picture people" who invade her privacy. Really, I'm 63 and I remember very vividly what it is like to be a young woman - and without all the "crap" that surrounds this girl. Give her a chance - and don't come back to me with that bs about she's had enough chances. Her life wasn't as easy as ours. I wish she were my daughter - I'd wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear "Everything is going to be alright."
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